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As bad as not throwing well can feel in a game like tonight’s, the win negates pretty much any negatives you might otherwise take away. What a job by an entire cast of guys. Kyle ending the 8th by keeping the bases loaded and not letting the game get out of hand was the first big moment.

The rally to win it was fun to watch as well. How a left handed hitter can pull his hands in to hit Mariano’s cutter is way beyond me, but ‘Tek’s single was exactly that. Coco comes up huge by hitting the first pitch down the line, which surprised me that the Yankees we’re not playing no doubles right there. I am guessing that has more to do with how Mo pitches than the situation. For the second night in a row Alex gets a huge hit in a huge spot. That hit was a carbon copy of Gonzo’s floater in the 9th inning of game 7 of the 2001 World Series.















think more:


Natalie Imbruglia – Beauty on the Fire (Why do I drink/ The feelings dry/ Don’t go too far/ Limitation scars)

The Fray – How to Save a Life (Acoustic) (Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend/ Somewhere along in the bitterness/ And I would have stayed up with you all night/ Had I known how to save a life…)

U2 – October (October/ And kingdoms rise/ And kingdoms fall/ But you go on…and on…) – ΑΠΙΣΤΕΥΤΟ κομμάτι

Placebo – UNEEDMEMORETHANINEEDYOU (To call it silence/ To call it smarts/ Come together some/ It’s slow but it works) – πολύ καλό B-side του MEDS, που θα ενσωματωθεί και στη revised έκδοση του ομώνυμου δίσκου.

Bonus Track: Snow Patrol vs The Police – Every Car You Chase




Have a look ONCE:


In the meantime…

I’m still participating (albeit badly) in the no complaining challenge – I had to change my wristband so many times on Tuesday that I just took it off. I decided starting over on Wednesday would be better. Yesterday I only had to switch 6 times – which is a huge improvement. Of course, I didn’t work, so that’s saying something. Today I’ve switched it 4 times the last being just before I decided to sit down and blog. I tell you – I whine too much. Seriously – I think I need a cheese hat.

I also took on (as if I need another pressure) the scrap a day in May challenge put out by my local Scrapping group – It’s been fun getting back into my junk and playing a bit. I haven’t seriously scrapped since last October. I decided to purge my junk precious scrap stuff and get rid of stuff. Really, I’m not sure why I bought it. Some of it was given to me (yeah that makes it sound better) and some I clearly must have been smokin’ something when I bought it. Needless to say cleaning out the stuff is relaxing as I get to reorganize it all. Of course now my list of need to gets is getting longer! Apparantly I have used EVERY ounce of adhesive I own! Good thing I still have my Hobby Lobby giftcard – hehe.

May 1st – I got my scrap stuff out of storage (*gasp*) where it’s been since we moved back.

May 2nd – I did a bit of purging and cut up my magazines.

May 3rd – reorganized my binders and my drawers.

I’m hoping to get some birthday cards made this next week as I am sadly low on them! I know I know I should have been a part of the amazing swap they just did – but alas, I just didn’t make the time. Next time for sure!

Not the least, but the last challenge we are still plugging away at – is our ward BOM challenge – to read the entire book by September 30. We’ve done really well this go round. (For those of you who want to join in – you’ll need to read 2 chapters a day to finish with us!) I do see the difference in our home and in my own perspectives.

Ah – what’s life without a few challenges.


Monster boy was at it again today. He’s always bored. ALWAYS. I don’t understand bored because by my standards, it means you are CHOOSING to do nothing. Sounds like absolutely no fun. In desperation I told him to go camping in the backyard. I didn’t hear from him for about an hour, until he came in and asked if he could build a fire in the bbq. I laughed thinking he wasn’t serious and then I came outside –

He and the girls had set up both tents and had pulled out all the camping stuff, and set up a camp – being the good mom – we built a fire in the bbq and made smores after dinner. It’s just after 9:30pm and they are all tucked into sleeping bags with extra blankets and nothing could be nicer.

there’s nothing like a little fun!



cheetah hi pita hai:


There’s a post over at the main blog about the Cheetah Girls as a symbol of the Girl Power movement. As a Disney Channel creation–a made-for-TV-movie based on a book series spawned the real girl group and various merchandise–they’re definitely relevant to the tween market right now. There’s a lot to positively acknowledge here–they’re closer in age to their market than a lot of other girl groups (such as the Pussycat Dolls) are, they present themselves more age-appropriately while still being ‘cool’ and fashionable, they have a ’sisterhood’ message as opposed to girls being pitted against each other for men’s attention (again, look to the Pussycat Dolls’ breakout single, ‘Don’t Cha (wish your girlfriend was hot like me)’, and most importantly I think (especially in light of my recent post about tweens and race), they’re diverse–racially, body shape, ‘image,’ etc.

Here is a song/movie clip from the first Cheetah Girls movie, “Cheetah Sisters”:




Pukka posts to multiple delicious accountsPost links to multiple delicious accounts. Why would you want to do this? Maybe you’re a highly productive web worker practicing multiprojecting (i.e., managing multiple projects simultaneously). Maybe you want to keep your personal and professional bookmarks separate. An easy way to manage this if you’re using Mac OS X is to install Pukka, a rich client for delicious. The del.icio.us Complete add-on for Firefox also supports multiple accounts, plus it autocompletes tags for you based on your own tags and other users’ tags for the page.

Replace your Firefox bookmarks with delicious bookmarks. The recently updated delicious bookmarks extension for Firefox can import your existing local browser bookmarks into delicious and post links to delicious from the browser Bookmarks menu. It includes a toolbar that displays recent bookmarks and a sidebar for sorting, searching, and modifying your bookmarks.

Use via: to credit your sources. In many parts of the blogosphere, noting where you got a link is almost as important as the link itself — because it shows who did the work in surfacing useful stuff. These days, we need to not only know what to look at right now but who to look to in the future to find what else we should be paying attention to.

While the for: tag is well known among delicious users (and specifically supported by delicious), some delicious users use the via: tag to track who provided a link. That allows people browsing your links to know who else they might want to add to their network on del.icio.us. Ric Hayman of Aqualung proposes that this could form the basis for a reputation economy online.

Make your del.icio.us bookmarks searchable in Gmail. Steve Rubel describes how in his article on using Gmail as his personal nerve center. Use Yahoo! Alerts to send your del.icio.us bookmark feed into Gmail, then set up a filter to label and archive the messages as they come in. Now you can search bookmarks using label:delicious (or whatever you’ve labeled those messages). And you’ve backed up your bookmarks to boot.

Get some help bundling your tags. If you’re like me, your tag cloud is huge and disorganized. I tried bundling my tags but stopped when I found it too difficult to do with the interface del.icio.us provides — my massive tag cloud with no hints as to what tags might be related to each other. If you have the official del.icio.us Firefox add-on installed though, you can use the sidebar to give you some help. For each tag, it lists related tags.

Bundling delicious tags

View the sidebar while you are bundling your tags. You can see how I did this with my own tags — choosing my java tag as a starting point for creating a SoftwareDev bundle. This reminded me to add tags like ruby, javascript, database, and hibernate into that bundle. Note that you can add one tag to more than one bundle, so bundles are less like folders than like tagging of tags.

Improve your bookmark searches. Maybe instead of fighting to organize your tags into bundles, you should just use search. The del.icio.us search at the upper right hand corner considers bookmark descriptions, notes, and tags. To limit it to tags only use the prefix “tag:” like this: tag:todo. To search for either of two terms, use OR and parentheses around the terms: (todo OR to-do). To exclude terms, use the minus operator: todo -apps.

How do you bookmark? Local browser bookmarks, del.icio.us, some other social bookmarking service? Share your bookmarking tips in the comments.

Sphere Software Apps, Tips & Tricks

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Drainedge Link Tank · Today’s Links says;

May 10th, 2007 at 6:50 am

[…] 8 Tips for Better del.icio.us Bookmarking – Web Worker Daily […]


Yahoo’s del.icio.us social bookmarking service is refreshingly simple while still offering plenty of power. Bookmark and tag pages, share them with the world, post them to your blog, and watch what other people are bookmarking. No rounded corners or fancy colors, no rich Internet application baloney, just a useful way of tracking and sharing the stuff we read online.

Here are a few tips for better bookmarking with del.icio.us. Share your own tips in the comments.

Quicker Tag bookmarkletQuickly bookmark a page. Drag the Quicker Tag bookmarklet from Lifehacker into your Firefox toolbar. Configure it with a Firefox keyword of your choosing by right mouse clicking on the bookmarklet in your toolbar, selecting Properties, and entering a keyword like “tag” or “delish” into the keyword entry box. Now you can bookmark a page by just entering “delish” in your browser location bar.





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Why we don’t download more

There’s a thought-provoking story on the Guardian Unlimited Web site today: a poll of 2,400 British Internet users found that only 15% had ever downloaded a full-length TV program, and only 14% had downloaded a feature-length film. Lest any American readers think that this represents British technophobia, a Pew Internet study of American Internet users found that exact same number – 15% – of video downloaders in January 2005.

The reason for download reluctance, the British survey found, does not come as a surprise: the process is too slow and unreliable. If downloading was quick and easy, two-thirds of respondents said they’d be interested. That latent demand is of course why so many companies, from Netflix (NFLX) to Wal-Mart (WMT), are rushing to get into the downloadable video market. There’s little doubt that one or more firms is going to find a way to make the experience simpler and sexier, the way that Apple (AAPL) did with iTunes.

But The Browser wonders how high the number will ever get. For the masses of television and film watchers, the television/video player and the computer remain two very different devices. Yes, they are converging somewhat, but it’s also true that video-on-demand is exploding. Some studies put video-on-demand growth in the U.S. at 40% every year; a 2006 industry study concluded: “The overall global VoD market will grow from below $2 billion in 2006, to approach $13 Billion in 2010. By 2010, there will be nearly 150 million active VoD users/subscribers worldwide.”

Those are explosive numbers, and if consumers are flocking to video-on-demand on their TVs they may well stay away from downloads; who needs ‘em? And it’s not accurate to assume that these technology adaptations always go up: the Pew survey in 2005 found that 22% of Internet users had ever downloaded music, but that was well below the 32% who said they had in October 2002. Sure, the overall pie of Internet users no doubt grew between 2002 and 2005, but still, it suggests that even simpler downloading tasks can reach a peak, provided there are other ways for consumers to get the media they want.  

Filed under video downloads, online media, Wal-Mart, iTunes

Posted by jimledbetter 11:48 am 11 Comments comment | Add a comment

I’ve been a Netflix subsciber for almost a year and I couldn’t be happier with them – I wouldn’t even think of downloading a movie.
The day after I mail in the DVD to Netflix I get an e-mail telling me that they received it and my next one is coming the next day – and it does!
And that’s just $5/month for 2 movies.

The problem is that consumers don’t want to download movies/shows that are chock full of ads, when they could get it on demand for a modest fee without commercial interruption. The studios have not yet realised that people are not willing to pay for sub par video or sit through commercials for such poor quality. The only true places to get quality video without interuptions are still being labeled “pirates”. Maybe instead of prosecuting these people the studios should hire them because they definitly know what their consumers want.

If millions of people are willing to wait days for Netflix to ship the next DVD on their rental queue, then surely they’d be happy to not have to walk out to their mailbox and just wait overnight for the next movie on their queue to download. Plus they won’t be subject to Netflix’s frequent-renter squeeze.

Download rentals will do better if the providers don’t promise instant gratification. Convenience is enough for now until higher bandwidths arrive. And they’re just around the corner!

with videocasting like ustream.tv does, is downloading content passe..

why would I pay for it, when i can download for free from www.ovguide.com. Plus, it’s easier to keep track of a DVD, than it is a movie file on my hard drive somewhere.

Al, higher bandwidths are not just around the corner. Go to Europe, where download speeds are 2-3 times faster than here in America. The telecomm industry is purposefully keeping our download speeds slower and charging us more. It’s a shame that we have to deal with such politics.

The problem with VOD is that it is more complicated than using a DVD player. This can be significant when you consider that most people couldn’t even figure out how to program a VCR.

Uuhh.. what’s a VCR ? ;-)

Let’s see:

Download a video to watch on my little 20″ computer screen or rent a movie to watch on the much larger 32″ TV. No contest…I don’t want to sit there straining away to see anything on my computer, nor have the whole family trying to elbow in on viewing such a small screen. Hook the computer to the TV? No thanks, I don’t need my spreadsheets to be on a 32″ screen, nor my emails, nor do I want a giant cable running from the computer room to the living room.

If you download videos to get away from commercials and everyone followed suit, eventually you would have NOTHING to watch since advertisers won’t pay the money if no one is exposed to their product…TV shows are free for you and me, but not for the networks.

The problems are:
1) Ads and commercials, in paid for content
2) If you get a hard copy, you can watch in multiple places (your tv, your computer, your friend’s house) with as much freedom as you like. Soft copies usually work only on your computer, can’t be sent to your tv, or visa versa. And boomers and older people generally don’t have their tvs and PCs synced so they wouldn’t know how to transfer video even if they could.
3) Limited licenses on downloaded content. If you buy a CD you can often rip it multiple times, play it anywhere you like, put it on multiple mp3 players, etc. If you download an itune song you can only use it in three places before your file will stop working. People want control for content they’ve paid for.

I wouldn’t download a movie on a PC to play on a TV because the quality isn’t that great. Plus, why would I want to sit in front of a 19″ PC monitor to watch a movie instead of watching it on my 50″ HDTV?

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i can has lol*?

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cute stuffs r here
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all a bored

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25 ratings

photo: Japan Probe
capped and submitted by: cheezburger

nippon cyo daisuki da yo! sa, shigoto suki ja na
[masculine] i love japan alot. though, i hate my job. (probably wrong) -P

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capped by: Kitty de Medici

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i has a secret…

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243 ratings

i has a secret… you is adopted.

you is adopted.

( cis(cry-in-side)cat

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what else needs fuh be sed?

found on internets my favorite place fazed

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i lol’d.

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photo: Emily C. (originally seen on CO)
capped and submitted by: Pam

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210 ratings

DO WANT. sort off… I guess. whatever.

sort off… I guess. whatever.

kitty: Milo
photo: Breeanna
capped and submitted by: trisloth

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Weez in ur cupz

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253 ratings


…soakin’ upz ur teez

capped and submitted by: Kate

see also kitteh au lait

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found on: f
info, there be: none

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  • quick site news from

    5-11-2007 – woot! clustrmaps is back. yay… u can’t see now, but tomorrow it’ll show where everyone visited from… amazing technologies

    5-09-2007 – Any coders out there smrtr than meeh? Probably!!! We’re looking for help to maked a xanga and livejournal feedburner feedflare… what do u get? firsts, you get to be the first person to maded one (many peeps gonna add it to their feedburner), secnd you get a puter pixlet on pixlet page u can name ur puterlet and we will host and link to ur feedflare (infos)! b famus! 🙂

    5-08-2007 – beta users got a new email informing them about project TCF… ;). if u didn’t get an email… contact us!

    5-04-2007 – are you caption king/queen? go help engtech caption his ktiteh! u cn win prize! It be good practice fuh you… wink wink.

    5-01-2007 – New month — New stuff! TCF Beta now ALIVE!

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